It’s peak week and typing is hard

Bikini biceps! And a messy condo...please ignore that.
Bikini biceps! And a messy condo…please ignore that.

One thing I really like about fitness competitions is the mental aspect. It really teaches you to be mentally tough. This morning I really didn’t want to get out of bed. My body hurts, I’m hungry, tired and the election results really pissed me off. Still, I had a workout to do and I did it. This is where it becomes so much more than just dieting and going to the gym for a few months. You have a schedule and a set of rules that you have to stick to no matter what; even when life gets in the way.

This can really teach a person what they’re made of. In fact, it’s got me thinking I really don’t like the term “bikini” for this level of competition. I really think “bikini” sounds like a skinny girl who’s naturally pretty and probably had breast implants, that is good for looking nice in a swim suit. That’s really not the reality of this sport. You set goals, you push yourself so hard, and you are strong. Not just physically either.

So this is peak week and I wanted to share with you a bit about the last week of a competition. It’s probably the hardest but also the most fun, because you start to work on the aesthetic aspects. My diet is the most limited, just a few lean meats, low starch vegetables and a small amount of sweet potatoes daily. The workouts are a bit easier, just an upper body circuit daily plus cardio. No more leg workouts. And water. So much water! This is the week when you flush out any water that’s been stored, for me usually around the belly. So I’m drinking about five liters a day, taking some diuretics and spending several nice relaxing evenings in my sauna. It’s working too because I can really see my abs.

Last week I got some hair extensions which I think will really look nice on stage. Big hair’s got to make the rest of me look petite, right? I also just got my waxing and nails done. The last things will be tanning, hair and makeup on the big day, then my transformation into fitness super star is complete!

Tomorrow I’m getting a photo shoot done, which I’m also very excited about. It’s with the legendary Dave Laus, who shoot a lot of models that end up in Oxygen and other big name fitness magazines. I know that won’t be my destination, but if I can look half as good as the women in those rags, I will be one happy 39-year-old!

I’ve also just finished my post competition grocery shopping: also super exciting! The last thing you want to do after a long day is come home to an empty fridge. I’ve got bacon, a lasagna, garlic bread, crackers, jam, and of course, wine my friends! If I can stay up long enough to drink it I will be very happy indeed. Unfortunately these shows can run late so this wonderful feast might have to wait until Sunday. No worries, it will still be good and very much appreciated!

Stay tuned for some posts about the day before and the day of the show!

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