Eat once, measure twice

I’ve just passed week two of my competition prep and so far so good. But not perfect. The workouts are definitely going well. At this point they are relatively short: about 45 minutes in the gym. Every workout ends with 100 lunges, with 10 extra added on this week. The bikini contest is all about the glutes so my coach may have noticed I’m lacking in this area. When I first started losing weight, my butt looked a bit like an Easter Egg, very wide and oval shaped. When I started prepping for my first show it completely flattened out. I was not unhappy about this at all but Ana reminded me this is a problem. So now every single workout ends with lunges. It’s actually the best part of the workout because it’s without weights so I take it outside and lunch along the lake shore, which is a nice way to finish the workout.

The part I really need to work on is my diet. Not that I’ve strayed from my allowed foods but I have slacked a bit on logging. It’s not just enough to eat the right things, my macros need to be dead on and the only way to make sure they are is by tracking in a fitness app like My Fitness Pal or Build My Body Beautiful’s fitness app. This morning I made a recipe I found online that I thought I could easily adapt to fit in with my food list. (I’ll post the full recipe below.) The original dish is a layered casserole with sausage, vegetables, cheese and an egg. My adaptation was sweet potato, mushroom, green onion, ground beef and egg. I didn’t add any extra fat and measured my portions. It all seemed so innocent, but when I recorded it in my tracking app…whoops! Ended up being waaay to many calories and far too much fat for one meal.

Lesson learned: log your food, THEN eat it. Ideally, logging your whole day’s food in advance would make sure you are dead on, but that’s not always so easy since you can’t always plan every little thing ahead of time. What I’m going to try to do in the future is log half way through the day, and if the macros look off I have the rest of the day to make up for it. Repeating meals makes this a lot easier since you can check in advance and also saves the time of logging every little ingredient.

Sound incredibly dull and repetitive? Yup. But that goes with the territory of competing. You have to look at food as fuel rather than a source of enjoyment. I would not recommend living your life like this (how effn’ dreary amiright?). However, to lose weight it helps to shift this perspective for a limited amount of time.

If you read weight loss advice, you often hear about the benefits of keeping a food journal to keep you accountable. This can help but it’s much better to use a program that records your calories and macros, so if you’re not seeing results, you can go back and see exactly what the problem is. The is especially important when you’re carb cycling since your day-to-day macros need to be varied.

So since my breakfast indulgence, I’ll need to be extremely careful for the rest of the day to make sure I stay within my macro ranges. I think for the rest of the week I’ll stick to white fish and chicken for my meats as well.

I’ve also added creatine to my supplements, which will partially explain why the scale has not budged this week. Creatine helps build muscle but also can cause weight retention when you first start taking it. My husband went on it a few weeks ago and gained five pounds right away, but that dropped about a week after starting. For me I just haven’t lost anything so I’m expecting to see some movement on the scale when my body gets used to the supplement.

Speaking of husband, this week I’m preppin’ solo because Andy’s gone to Scotland for two weeks to visit his parents. Training can be a difficult and lonely sport at the best of times, so it’s that much harder when you come home to an empty condo. He’s also my chief photographer so I don’t have any progress photos to show at the moment. I’m very bad at selfies! I tried yesterday but no matter what angle I took I kept seeing a messy background. Once he gets back I will definitely start adding some photos. The best part about prepping is seeing the changes in your body. It’s really exciting to see how fast you can transform! Progress photos also remind me of the saying “what you eat in private you wear in public.” You can pretend you didn’t eat a 600 calorie breakfast but the photo of a bloated stomach will tell the truth.

My food today:

  1. Breakfast casserole (recipe below) (P+FC+SC)
  2. Proteine shake with 1.5 cup of blueberries (P+SC)
  3. Chicken and steamed broccoli (P+FC)
  4. chicken with chopped salad and mayo
  5. Shrimp with cabbage, mushroom, green onion
  6. 1 cup Cottage cheese, tablespoon almond butter, bell pepper

Improved version of breakfast casserole

  • 2.5 ounce of baked sweet potato cubes
  • 2.5 ounces of cooked ground chicken or turkey, seasoned with chilli powder and cayenne pepper
  • Half a cup of king oyster mushrooms
  • One green onion
  • One egg

Layer potatos, vegetables and chicken or turkey in an oven-proof dish, crack egg on top. Back at 450 for 10 minutes. This would be also nice topped with cilantro or watercress, and/or some Frank’s Red Hot sauce.


Shoulders, back, biceps, triceps, lunges

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