The last week before the last week!

Striking a pose in my "sport" stilettos!
Striking a pose in my “sport” stilettos!

Well I’m almost there! This week is now officially the last week of normal prep. The week after that is prep week, which is getting your body ready for going on stage, and is, in a way, part of the competition itself. Magic things happen that week but you’ll just have to wait to find out what they are!

For the very last week of normal prep, my workout routine is the same, except it will be the longest. Each week I’ve been adding time to my cardio and reps so the time spent at the gym keeps getting longer and longer. I’ll be topping out at about 2 hours a session this week. So…yaaaay.

It’s also the time to write my check list and make sure I’m organized for the big day. I have a list of things I need already but this week will be time to make sure everything is bought, packed etc. The less I need to worry about during peak week the better.

I have all my appointments booked: hair, nails, even a photo shoot for two days before. I’ll be meeting with my posing coach at least once more and doing tons of posing practice at home. My hotel is booked, my car has gas and the tires are reasonably inflated. Sorted!

My diet will stay pretty much the same as well, except for a few minor adjustments. I still would like to lose a couple of pounds but at this point, my body is pretty much the size it’s going to be on stage so there’s no point in worrying too much about calories. Mainly, I need to make sure I’m eating enough to keep my energy level up this week and get through those last intense gym sessions.

The most important thing to consider with my diet is reducing bloat and water retention, so this is where the diet adjustments come in. Fiber, normally lauded as a great weight aid will need to be reduced as it can cause bloat. So, things like broccoli, cauliflower, brown rice etc will be eliminated. As will raw vegetables. Most of what I eat will be boiled or steamed.

I noticed a while back that dairy gives me a bit of belly bulge as well so I switched to vegan protein powder and eliminated dairy in my meals…mostly. I did still sneak a small taste of yogurt every now and then. When you aren’t eating anything sweet, plain Greek yogurt tastes like a freakin’ ginger bread house! Or whatever the sweetest thing you can imagine is. But from now on, it’s definitely not worth chancing it.

Steamed kale with mushrooms and scallops...a bloat-free masterpiece!
Steamed kale with mushrooms and scallops

Overall I’m pretty happy with my physique at the moment. I would have liked to lose more fat but I’m pretty stubborn that way. I do put on muscle easily so that’s really helped my shape, although for the bikini category too much muscle is not usually an asset. If I lose for looking too much like Wonder Women I don’t think I will be terribly upset! If I don’t place well, I’ll just automatically assume the reason was I looked way too awesome. You can actually pay to hear the judges feedback on your body but why would you want to do that? It’s much better to just make up a more flattering reason, and spend that money on wine. So much sweet sweet wine.